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An interview with Dr. Schachtschneider

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An interview with Dr. Schachtschneider-Know your doctor

Question: What are the 3 “must Do’s” of your life that you feel play the biggest role in keeping you so young?

Answer: “1. Stay active at least 3 to 4 times a week. For me I stay active with surfing and exercising at the gym as well as gardening. I trim a tree now and then too.

2. A must is to keep a positive attitude.

3. Eat REAL, cut out the fake stuff and balance your diet with fruits and veggies and even adding your favorite treat here and there is beneficial. Seriously, chiropractic care is unfortunately the best kept secret to anti aging. Chiropractic keeps your spine and nervous system in alignment, joints more mobile, and spine flexibility enhances with continued care so you move better. Your brain and body respond to spinal adjustments and the entire body just works much better. My hope is this secret gets out!”

Question: They say stress plays a big role in “aging faster” how do you go about handling a stressful situation?

Answer: “I am thankful, even grateful and I think of the good things. The old adage of my glass being half full rather than empty is the way I live. Stress if handled well can be an asset, as well as it challenges you to act and do something. I find that I pray often to determine my action steps and it helps redirect me. Stress left unchecked will age you and cause disease.”

Question: How do you maintain a young mindset? What are your hobbies?

Answer: “Along with surfing and exercise I play the guitar and also enjoy an occasional tennis game.  I’ve played music ever since I was a child. I still play. I find it is a great stress reliever and a creative outlet. We all need to have interests, and sometimes make ourselves do them. Whether it be crafting something out of wood, remodeling a room, cooking something differently it all refreshes our being. I’m constantly interacting with persons younger than myself through surfing, my chiropractic practice, the gym and volunteering projects.”

Question: What type of physical activity do you do?

Answer: “Besides surfing weekly and exercises at the gym, daily I walk or often times run up stairs countless times within the day and challenge myself with how many times I can do it without getting out of breath…then increase it. I find myself a parking space maybe a little farther than necessary to add steps to my day and do regular stretching for flexibility in the mornings.”

Question:  How much water do you drink daily?

Answer: “We all have a tendency not to drink enough water unfortunately. I drink one to two quarts of water a day. Drinking out of water bottles helps me keep track of my intake.”

Question: At what time do you wake up in the morning? Are you a morning person?

Answer: “I am a morning person and wake up before dawn most days. Always being an early riser getting up for surfing or arriving early for the office has never been a hassle.  Naps are not my thing, but I understand the value of them, they just don’t work with my body time clock. Bedtime is usually around 10:00pm unless happily social calendar dictates differently.”

Question: How were you introduced to chiropractic?

Answer: “I wasn’t really one to visit an M.D often in my life. I always wanted to know what “caused” the infection, condition, or problem.  Medicine while experts in many ways don’t have all the answers. Growing up and seeing so many people addicted to drugs – street or prescription- I thought there must be another way.  I learned how Chiropractic offered health care through natural non-invasive treatment after being adjusted by a chiropractic student while in my 20’s. This one adjustment and the enthusiasm of my friend “would be chiropractor” set me off on my quest for better health and my future profession.”

Question: How long have you been getting chiropractic adjustments?

Answer: “I’ve been getting adjusted since my college days. My first adjustment was given to me by a chiropractic STUDENT at Palmer College during a party on the floor!  I would not recommend it, but chiropractic works and I immediately felt better. I was just finishing up my Bachelor in Science Degree when that very adjustment inspired me to investigate further education in chiropractic and soon enrolled into graduate school at Pasadena Chiropractic College. I have never looked back and incorporated the good works of chiropractic into my life in every aspect. I continue to get adjusted regularly. A few of us local Carlsbad D.C.’s make sure we adjusted each other about every week or two.”

Question: Do you vacation often?

Answer: “Not often enough! Like most of us it is hard to get away when you own and operate a small business / clinic. My favorite vacations have been to Mexico, Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii and Utah. Those vacations were when my 4 children were younger with lots of camping, surfing and exploring. Now they are off to college and I must go to visit them. I annually try to get away for a surfing trip with my friends. This year it’s planned for Sinaloa, Mexico…I hope to make it!”

Question: Do you do yoga or practice meditation?

Answer: “Nope they are great but I found them not for me. I’ve done both yoga and meditation in the past but it was not a fit. You have to find what works for “you” like and do it. My consistent daily stretches, stairs, walking, gym exercises and regular surfing works for me. To ease my mind and so to speak “center me” I allow time for listening to Bible teachings.”

Question: Do you find yourself believing/thinking that you are much younger than you are?

Answer: “Yes whenever I walk by a mirror I wonder who that older guy is! I sincerely still feel like I am 18! I am able to do many activities someone my age must withhold from. I am fortunate as I got some good genes and I maintain my strong health. I love life and enjoy it, finding that I am surprised when I hurt after a long day or my body does not respond like an 18 year old.  Keeping up with my patients, staff, surfing buddies, and gym friends comes natural and with ease.” 

Question: Do you have a healthy diet? Does it consist of a lot of protein? Carbs? Sugars?

Answer: “When I was younger my diet was heavy in protein and as I’ve gotten older my diet has become more balanced. I tend to eat moderate meals more frequently rather than one or two large one.”

Question: Do you ever drink red wine?

Answer: “Yes, however not too often. Honestly, I enjoy an occasional beer now and then.”

Question: What was your best year and why?

Answer:1988 when our first child was bornmy Erich. Now he is a graduate from Pratt University in New York and a prospering Architect. And of course the following births of my daughter Ali, Claire and stepson Benjamin. Ali now a Parsons graduate, is an artist, designer and innovator in using biologically grown materials used for apparel. Claire is at Pace University in Manhattan studying neurosciences, and my stepson Benjamin is an amazingly talented artist.”

Question: Were you just as active when your children were born?

Answer:I was probably MORE active with 4 kids! But yes, I have always been an active person, and did enjoyed playing sports with them. I took care to schedule my personal physical activities to allow time for them and still get in the conditioning I needed.”

Question: You have such a good attitude. How do you have and keep it?

Answer: “I’m always thanking god. I am grateful and make a point in bringing my gratitude to my patients. I look to the future and find something positive in my daily scheduled activities that I will look forward to. If there is none, I’ll make one, even if it is sushi after work, or a lunch time break watching the surf. I make sure I include thankfulness and reward into me so I can easily give it out."

Question: Do you think that helping others mentally contributes to your young healthy mindset?

Answer:Tremendously! It’s wonderful to help people. Not to sound cheesy but it is my calling. Being a chiropractor not only works on the spine but the mind. I am truly blessed to be able to be part of the healing process from head to toe. The rewards of helping my patients heal do directly encourage me and lifts my spirits each and every day. I partner with them to meet their health care goals and their successes I get to share in. Encouraging and uplifting people around you not only helps them it releases endorphins with the encourager.

Question: How would you advise others to help themselves into a better spirit mentally?

Answer: “Think of others around you. Come beside them in times of need or happiness. Encourage others. I feel fortunate to be able to be as active as I am at the age of 65 and don’t want to waste an opportunity to make life better for myself and those around me. I have good health but we all have health challenges. Working through those challenges demands a positive mental attitude. I think that the key to staying younger is to deal with overcoming situations not in weaknesses but in your strengths and doing good deeds. Staying younger is a total body and mind set. 8 years ago I had a serious heart attack which was a major challenge for me in every aspect of my life. However, I used it as a major boost, sorta a “reboot.” It redirected me to consider where I am and where I want to be as well as encouraged me to become even more health conscious. I knew medication or procedures were not the only answers. It was up to me to make a difference in my life. Ever since then I believe I am at my strongest because I pushed myself.”

Question: Has failure ever discouraged you?

Answer:Of course but for only temporarily. We learn from our failures, make corrections and set a better plan. I don’t get tired of trying to improve. It is a way of life.”

Published September 28th 2016


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