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Success Stories


"I came in with pain in my back and down my leg. After just a couple of treatments I felt like my old self again! I am ready for the gym soon!"

Thank you Dr. Schachtschneider- Phylis Mitchell 


"Dr. Schachtschneider has not only helped alleviate my chronic lower back pain, but has also provided therapies to help speed up the healing process for an ankle injury. I would recommend Beach Cities Chiropractic to anyone experiencing pain that is interrupting their life." 

Thank you Dr. Schachtschneider-Randy Harcourt, patient since 2012


"Before I came in to see Doc I was in a lot of pain. I got to the point where I couldn't walk, sit, or even lay down. I just couldn't do anything. I needed desperate help! I had also suffered from severe migraines. My mother had referred me to Beach Cities Chiropractic, I couldn't even walk into the office by myself. The doctor had taken an x-ray and once I got started with care I started to get my life back! I can now walk and play with my grand daughter! I have not suffered from another migraine. I have a full life now and enjoy it!! Doc had great knowledge of everything and I am truly grateful!"

Thank you Beach Cities Chiropractic-Susan Bumgardner, patient since 2008


"At age 60, I assumed that knew pain was an inevitable result of age and a lifetime of carrying too much weight. But, after losing 50 lbs 3 years ago, the knee pain continued to get worse, reducing my activity level across the board. After just one adjustment of my out-of alignment pelvis, the pain was reduced! Continuing treatment is seeing continued improvement!"

Thank you Dr. Schachtschneider- Paula Ferris, patient since May 2016


"I cant even begin to express how grateful I am to have crossed paths with such a caring doctor and wonderful staff of Beach Cities Chiropractic. Dr. Shock has been a godsend. I came to him with chronic knee and lower back pain (which I later learned was a result of scoliosis) and within a few short months of diligent treatments, the pain is almost completely gone. I also suffer from severe and debilitating migraines (3-4x month, 24hrs min) which have drastically decreased in frequency and pain intensity (1x month, 2-24 hrs max). Never did I imagine we would achieve such positive results, but I am sure glad we did! Be consistent in your treatments and I am sure you will see major improvements as well!"

Thank you Dr. Schachtschneider- Maribel R. Jackson, patient since January 2016


"I have worked in a job for 27 years that required very heavy lifting. My neck and back have pained me for a long time, but with regular visits Beach Cities Chiropractic has helped me! I am so grateful to both Doc and the entire staff at helping to contribute oi my overall health! Thank you!"

Thank you Beach Cities Chiropractic- Anna Philips, patient since July 2004


"My frozen shoulder was so bad i couldn't touch my left hand to the top of my head. Dr. Schachtschneider was concerned but he gradually, with treatments, got it free from pain. It is still moving well due to chiropractic treatments!"

Thank you Dr. Schachtschneider - Eldean Bratton, patient since April 2015


"I was recommended by California Surf Museum friends.I was dragging my left leg and miserable. I use to come every weekday. I will always be thankful for Dr. Schachtschneider and the office personnel.Now visit once a week and soon with recommended exercises I will be just Maintenance Care."

Thank you Beach Cities Chiropractic- Debbie Sensintaffar, patient since July 2015


As a patient who has been treated regularly at Beach Cities Chriopractic (BCC) in Carlsbad since February, 2012, I continue to marvel at this exceptionally good health and business model.  In addition to alleviating my pain due to a herniated disc in my neck, it is a pleasure--yes, I said "pleasure"--to visit this office; this is a rarity for seeking medical care.  
Patience and good cheer is always offered at BCC, along with treats including tangerines, cookies, candies, pastries, and hot tea.  From relaxing vibration on the traction table to the coup de grace of a comforting adjustment. BCC far surpasses conventional medical treatment. What is particularly impressive is the time Dr. Bodo Schachtschneider to explain my maladies in comprehensible language, often with tangible examples; he not only treats one's skeletal structure, but holistically ministers to the whole patient, body and mind.  

Thank you Beach Cities Chiropractic--Mike Steinman, patient since 2012


Chiropractic treatment has prevented neck and back pain from slowing me down. Before I was taking pain relievers and occasionally spend my weekends "on ice" Now that is not a problem.

Thank you Beach Cities Chiropractic- Anne-Marie Reese, patient since 2002


I came here with a lot of pain in my neck area and now i feel great! I was always hurting and couldnt sleep. Since i been coming here i now feel great.

Thank you Beach Cities Chiropractic- Rosie Friedrichs, patient since 2012


Beach Cities has helped me get more mobility in my lower back. My yoga practice, running and surfing are more or less Pain-free. I am excited about even more improvement!

Thanks you Beach Cities Chiropractic- Allison Renshaw, patient since 2013


When i first started coming to Beach Cities Chiropractic the entire left side of my body was going numb and " Could not be fixed" according to any other doctor.  As soon as I started Chiropractic treatment however, the problem went away and now i feel the best i have ever felt!

Thank you Beach Cities Chiropractic!- Annmarie Robbins, patient since 2007


You are in the right place at Beach Cities Chiropractic. I have been treated by all three doctors and found them consistent, informed, caring, and well rounded. They are the best of the best and know their stuff and do it with such warmth and personal attention to the MAX! Dr. Kinnear I see regularly. Besides a full body adjustment, I have a massage every 6 weeks with Kasia, that is so much more than what you get at a spa. No comparison. I keep regular chiropractic appointments but have walked in when I’ve needed and been seen right away. I’m a senior and noticed that I’ve gotten stronger, my low back and neck pain has disappeared and I move easily since treated here. I’ve even joined a “gym” and rarely get sick! I take care of my almost 100 year old parents and need to get in and out quickly… I can. They have it all: Professional, Affordable, Friendly, Great hours, and a really Caring staff.

Thank you Beach Cities Chiropractic!- Marie Duffy,  patient since 2009

I have been a patient of Dr. Publico's since the 1980's. Time and time again he has helped me with aches and pains that have slowed me down. Sometimes it is a simple strain due to overdoing it with whatever task I have performed, even though I knew it would hurt me later. Other times I could barely walk and needed assistance to get to his office. Every time he has managed to put me back on my feet to continue my active life.

This past visit was probably the most remarkable of all. I had received some serious news from my family doctor. It seems he wanted to refer me to an oral surgeon for a condition I didn't even know I had. "You have JAW BONE DEATH" his assistant told me. This stunned me . I tried to get my doctor to explain the condition to me . But all  I got was, " I Can't" answer to any of my questions. I never made it to the oral surgeon. After waiting for a referral, getting the referral , denied the referral and having the oral surgeon's office tell me it would  be a $300.00 co pay I gave up pursuing the diagnosis. I had spend many nights worrying about this situatioan and not having any answers I gave up trying.

Thankfully, I needed to get an adjustment with Dr. Publico. So, I took the diagnosis with me and decided to ask him what his thoughts were. As always, he was eager to help. After reading the paperwork, he explained to me in plain ENGLISH that I had Arthritis in my jawbone. He told me what treatment I needed to do to improve it and proceeded to adjust my jaw. My jaw was out of alignment and he immediately went to work putting it back to it's proper position. I walked out of there feeling as if a great weight had been lifted. I felt so grateful for having Dr. Publico in my life! no headaches with insurance, oral surgeons, sleepless nights, or emptying my pocketbook.

Thank you Dr. Publico- Sonia Manuel

 I am very grateful for the letter regarding my last visit, and the cooperation I had from you about filling out the questionnaire for my hearing. I'm also very, very grateful that you were able to work out things for me financially on that visit. I think you have pathed your path to heaven. I cannot express to you what that means.

I wanted to tell you that, and also say that I am very anxious to get on with my treatment with Dr. Publico! I've been told for 3 1/2 years by medical people that is no "CURE", and no more they can do short of  surgery, short of more pills and short of side effects.

I've been told "NO" so many times, that when I first heard Dr. Publico say, " I CAN FIX THIS" I was numb. It was not what expect to hear. The first treatment was so freeing! I wish it lasted longer and I do understand the importance of following up. Everyday I wait with great expectation.

Thank you so much Dr. Publico! - Lizzie Bernam

In 2007, I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, I had vertigo to the point that it was affecting my everyday life, along with that I also had chronic migraines and constant ringing in my ears. At first I was treated with an array of medications in a matter of 6 months I had been on 20 different pills, none of which worked.

In October 2007  they decided to perform surgery on me. I was told the surgery had an 80% success rate, however it only managed to make my condition worse. After the surgery, I went through 2 years of vestibular rehab accompanied with a series of steroid injections followed by a series of toxin injections directly in the eardrum. 

I originally went to the chiropractor because of lower back pain and found that my neck was out of alignment as well. After two weeks of adjustments my vertigo and migraines have become non-existent. I still have the ringing and hearing loss, however, the fact that my vertigo is gone is a huge deal considering three years of medical treatment did not help.

Thank you Dr. Publico- Joey Cliborne

When my son came home from school he was complaining about neck and back pain. I asked him if he had fallen at school? He answered NO! he said, that in his P.E class they had a tug a war and right after they finished, he started feeling pain in his neck and mid back. The next morning, I saw that he had his head tilted to the right side. I was so scared to see my son like that!. My friend recommended Dr. Publico. I was very skeptic about chiropractic! But I was willing to try anything.

 When we got to Dr. Publico's office he took some x-rays. I was shocked to hear that my son had scoliosis! I was very scared!. Dr. Publico said to us "DO NOT WORRY" he is still young and I can help him.

 Dr. Publico explained the process to us. He put my son on a treatment and had my son do some exercises at home. After his treatment Dr. Publico took another set of x-rays and he showed us the before and after. When we saw the results I was AMAZED!! At the results. My son no longer had scoliosis!!! And the his pain was gone! I was a true "BELIEVER" in chiropractic care!.

 My son still continues with his adjustments and his exercises.

Thank you Dr. Publico-Mrs.Ibanez

I have had migraines for a year now. A 13 year old kid with migraines!. We tried everything, medication, doctors, pain full procedures, everything possible. I had a migraine that started on January 3, 2010, It was so bad I had to go to the hospital. It was a nightmare, all sorts of medication. Some that put me in pain, made me dizzy and very drowsy, I was in the hospital for five days, and when I got out I was in the same amount  of pain as I went in. About two weeks later my mom told me about Dr. Publico. He adjusted me when I was a baby and I would stop crying every night at 5:00 pm.

When I saw Dr. Publico, he asked me "Why can't you hold your arms up" I don't know I told him. He took a few x-rays and figured out the problem!. He put me on an exam table and with two adjustments to my neck my MIGRAINES were gone!. When I told my mom she broke out into tears. I understood chiropractic. My four weeks of agony was over. Know I have been migraine and headache free.

Thank you Dr. Publico - Jordan Jarod

For many years, I refused to try chiropractic care because, I thought it would be harsh and painful. After living with severe neck pain and migraine headaches for fifteen years, I decided to try Beach Cities Chiropractic on the recommendation of a friend. Dr. Publico was understanding and explained everything he did to me step by step. I started to notice less pain in just a few weeks after starting chiropractic care. What an improvement it has made in my life! On a couple of occasions, Dr. Publico has helped me after hours for emergencies. After taking a vacation and sleeping on different beds, my neck was really jammed up. I was vomiting non-stop, my husband called Dr. Publico after hours, and he spent two hours helping me with my neck and he made sure I was o.k. before he let me go. I now swear by chiropractic care and will continue to be a patient for the rest of my life."-

Thank you so much!-Katie Williams

"The other day at work, a customer asked me if I had managed to dodge all the flue, colds, fevers etc. going around. (I work with the public and see hundreds of people a day.) I replied that I not only managed to escape the illness recently, but I never get sick. What's your secret he said? He exclaimed shocked. I thought secret? It's no secret. I have been seeing a Chiropractor (Dr. Publico) regularly for years. I told this to my customer, and he said Chiropractor??! Doesn't he help with your back? I said "Chiropractic adjustments help with the alignment of the bones, and everything else that is attached; including, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and other pathways that keep the body functioning in healthy response to challenges in life". WOW!! He said that is amazing!

"Dr. Publico has treated our family for over five years, and we all see him regularly. Occasionally, each of us has had minor injuries and instead of running to get medicine or invasive treatments, we see our chiropractor first. With his years of experience, Dr. Publico always gets to the heart of what is going on with our spine and how it's affecting overall health. He just knows what to do and the results are usually immediate. We use chiropractic to stay in balance and to make sure our bodies are in good working order- like getting an occasional tune up for a car. We get a body tune up! I wouldn't be as healthy as I am today without adjustments and I get on a regular basis.

"Chiropractic helped me maintain a healthy active life, I do see an M.D. regularly once a year for mammograms etc, and even my M.D has said to me "you are fifty years old and you are not on any medication that'd unusual." I presume he means hormones, high blood pressure, and other medications associated with growing older, I have experienced no symptoms of menopause or high blood pressure- again, I believe this is due to regular chiropractic treatments. I believe Dr. Publico's knowledge and care with adjustments and holistic supplements along with plenty of rest, exercise, healthy diet, and spiritual fulfillment make me the person I am"-

Thank you Dr. Publico- Maureen McCann

The staff at Beach Cities Chiropractic is great. They are friendly and caring, even when working with insurance companies who can be difficult at best. What is important is they really try to make our experience there a good one, and it is. I highly recommend Dr. Publico and his crew". - Craig Stout 

"In February, 2008 I was injured in an auto accident, and required frequent chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy. I was being treated multiple times per week by my chiropractor of twenty five years in Northern California.

In July 2008,  I abruptly relocated to San Diego County. I was referred to Beach Cities Chiropractic by another patient (word of mouth) and started seeing Dr. Publico for adjustments, general health rehabilitation, and physical therapy. I continue to have substantial pain from the accident, but I get relief from each visit that Beach Cities Chiropractic provides on a regular basis for back adjustments. I have also utilized massage therapy, recommendations for physical therapy, dietary supplements, and purchased other devices such as balance ball, and arch supports from Beach Cities Chiropractic. All have been beneficial. 

Dr. Publico and his staff always treat all the patients with smiles and wonderful cheer. They move a lot of patients through the lobby, but amazingly most appointments are always on time, and yet they still can accommodate walk-in traffic. I am exceedingly happy to have been recommended to Beach Cities Chiropractic, and even more joyed at having ventured forth to give them a try. I hope you (the reader) will try them too". -

Thank you!- Eric Korn 

"Due to injuries and general stress, my back has given me much pain, especially my lower back. The muscles were so tight, that any adjustment was not easy for me. I see Dr. Publico on a regular basis and the movement in my spine has increased, and the pain has decreased. Regular care makes a world of difference." Thank you Dr. Publico- Max Ammerman 

"I have had pain on the left side of my foot for many years. I just thought that it was from an old stress fracture. At sixty six years old, I figured that it was "just one of those things". Dr. Publico adjusted two areas in my foot and that pain has never happened again". -

Thank you!- Joy Sue Priem-Ammerman 

In 1996 I relocated from Los Angeles to Carlsbad and was looking for a Chiropractor, another doctor recommended Dr. Publico and I am delighted with his service I have received, I have a history of spinal problems and do not like the pain associated with it. It makes my whole body impaired.

I am a believer in vehicle maintenance, When your vehicle has lost it's peep you get a Tune-up and you can feel the difference the first time you press on the accelerator. Also, periodically you change the oil. You do not feel any difference when driving but you know the consequences if you don't....

For my back, adhering to a maintenance program with Dr. Publico he has eliminated that dreadful pain of back problems. I have avoided severe back pain since 1996!.

Thank you Dr. Publico for helping me live a pain free life.- Thank you! - Mike Percopo

July 30, 2012- I extol the virtues of Beach Cities Chiropractic. Consistently the doctors have been great in using their healing hands and bedside manner. One constant has been Kasia, she does wonders in finding and pressing trigger points. I was rescued by BCC from immense pain in February and, for that, I sing the praises of BCC. -Mike Steinman


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  • "I have worked in a job for 27 years that required very heavy lifting. My neck and back have pained me for a long time, but with regular visits Beach Cities Chiropractic has helped me! I am so grateful to both Doc and the entire staff at helping to contribute oi my overall health! Thank you!"
    Anna Philips 07/2016

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